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Wouldn't It Be Nice If. . .

Many of us, myself included, wish for something better in our life. . .very often, LOTS of something betters! But instead of imagining ourselves in that better place and all the positive feeling we will experience once we have what we desire, our thoughts somehow can’t help but linger in the uncomfortable place of our current circumstances. It's easy, it's natural to dwell in our now reality and believe that is all there is for us -- what is before our eyes in our experience -- then to spend time in what many might call “daydreaming” a different future event or thing.

According to the Universal Law of Attraction, “what we think about, we bring about.” And by that logic if we keep telling the story of how bad things are, as opposed to what we wish to bring about for ourselves and our world, we will continue to experience the same depressing crap. We complain; we blame; we wonder when our ship will arrive; and we dwell in the place of lack and desperation. It is no wonder why humanity advances so slowly, and very often takes huge steps backwards. Because as this Law would have it, we get more of what we’re spending all our waking moments focusing on. . .more of what we don’t have . . .more lack, more disappointment, more discouragement.

How do we turn this around?????

Could it be as simple as playing a game?. . .and playing it often!

Esther and Jerry Hicks wrote a book called “Ask and It is Given. . .Learning to Manifest Your Desires”. In it they list 22 different processes that can be used to ‘improve your point of attraction’ or help shift your thinking to more joyful thoughts, maybe beyond where you dared to think before!

The 12th process in their list is called “Wouldn’t It Be Nice If”. For me, it has been particularly useful when I find my thoughts falling unconsciously down the rabbit hole of negativity. And I fall easily and heavily. . .what horror stories I could write. . .look out Stephen King! . . .HELP!

How do I softly, and gently nudge myself back to a better feeling place. . .by playing this game. And YES, I highly encourage you to make it a GAME! :)

A sample scenario . . . It’s holiday time and you’ve been invited to a company event, for which you’re really not excited about going to. In order to change how you're feeling and change your point of attraction, your internal dialog might go something like the following. . .

Wouldn’t it be nice if I actually have a fun time with these people.

Wouldn’t it be nice if the weather is pleasant and the traffic is light.

Wouldn’t it be nice if they have all my favorite healthy foods.

Wouldn’t it be nice if I get to engage in some good conversation and maybe meetup with an interesting person and/or opportunity.

It is amazing how when you allow yourself to softly and gently switch gears instead of ‘stripping’ them, you can switch your perspective and lighten up. And when this shift happens, all things are possible. It is only from this higher vibrating place that you become a magnet for your desires, and start attracting your new thought focus. As with starting anything new, work in baby steps, creating small changes until you build your confidence in your powers.

In the words of Henry Ford. . .”whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’re right!”

This process has saved me many times and I continue to use it in all sorts of situations. And just as important to me, my coaching clients have noticed marked changes in their progress and shifts in their energies and outcomes when they use this process.

Eager to hear your feed back after you've had a chance to 'play this game' for awhile. Connect with me at

Have fun!!. . .Kathy

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