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“I have learned, that if one advances confidently in the direction of their dreams, and endeavors to live the life one has imagined, one will meet with a success unexpected in common hours.                                    ― Henry David Thoreau

Are you looking to attract more into your life? Are you seeking clarity in a field of contrast? Are you content to be where you are or seeking a new perspective? What's missing for you right now? What is it costing you to continue in your current pattern?

Ever wish you could have a guide on your life's journey? Are you open to designing your future? What would it feel like to connect with your future self?

The answers are inside of you. As a Certified Law of Attraction Life Coach, I help women identify what they want and what's holding them back, allowing them to more easily transition from where they are to where they want to be . . .all in order that they might achieve their personal, professional and financial goals.

If you have questions about Life Coaching or would like to get a feeling for whether coaching would be right for you, connect with me at kathy.wisewomanguru@gmail.comIf you have serious interest, I also offer a complimentary first-time call. Because all coaching takes place over a secure and confidential conference line, I work with clients globally.




Client Comments. . .

I had been contemplating some significant changes in my life, but wasn't sure of the what or the how. I hired Kathy Meyer as my coach to help me determine a path forward and to help get me beyond my self-imposed limits. I had NO idea how instrumental she would be in helping me find myself. Due to her belief and commitment in me, I'm starting to create the life I have always wanted to live personally and professionally. Through her listening, questioning and insight, she has walked with me along a path to self-rediscovery, helped me to address and shed old fears and behaviors that were holding me back, and taught me a way to envision the path to expanding my life to achieve the goals that I have set. She has a true gift in working with her clients to get beyond surface issues and guide them in living a life of abundance spiritually, physically and emotionally. This focus of learning to live in a place of abundance has allowed me to improve my career, opened me to seeking new and deeper relationships with others, and has set me on a path to embrace each life change I choose to make. Kathy is so grounded in the workings of the universe and is so caring, honest and generous. She is a gifted coach – she will make a significant difference in anyone’s life, but I’m so grateful for the changes she has brought to mine. I couldn’t have found a more valuable coach, mentor and friend.  -- Michelle, Naples, FL

*  *  *

I engaged Kathy for life coaching services because I wanted to better understand a personal life challenge and to choose a kind and self-affirming approach to problem resolution. Our first telephone session was a complimentary introduction to the concept and techniques of life coaching, which was helpful, as I was generally unfamiliar with the service. It gave me an opportunity to feel comfortable talking on the phone and to feel secure that I could trust Kathy with my confidences. We “met” by phone for a handful of sessions; at that point I disengaged, being pleased to have met my objective. I know that I can call on Kathy again should I need to talk through any future issue. What really impresses me about Kathy is her listening ability. Despite not “seeing” her listen, (as we were talking on the phone), I sensed that she was paying close attendance to my words. After I spoke, she frequently restated my remarks in a way that demonstrated that she understood my intent. I felt validated and cared for. Additionally, Kathy offered cogent ways for me to re-frame my thinking along more positive and healthy paths. The experience of Kathy’s coaching was so helpful to me. Thank you, Kathy! With Gratitude, Robin, Bonita Springs, FL

*  *  *

Life is good! Thank you for all your help and support (through) life coaching that turned the tide for me in my life!  -- Angela, Naples, FL

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