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So grateful for all the clients, customers, friends, family, teachers, mentors, coaches, and supporters on my journey and for all those I have yet to meet. Thank you for allowing me to do what I love and to share your comments. . .

What my LIFE COACHING clients are saying. . .​

"I had been contemplating some significant changes in my life, but wasn't sure of the what or the how. I hired Kathy Meyer as my coach to help me determine a path forward and to help get me beyond my self-imposed limits. I had NO idea how instrumental she would be in helping me find myself. Due to her belief and commitment in me, I'm starting to create the life I have always wanted to live personally and professionally. Through her listening, questioning and insight, she has walked with me along a path to self-rediscovery, helped me to address and shed old fears and behaviors that were holding me back, and taught me a way to envision the path to expanding my life to achieve the goals that I have set. She has a true gift in working with her clients to get beyond surface issues and guide them in living a life of abundance spiritually, physically and emotionally. This focus of learning to live in a place of abundance has allowed me to improve my career, opened me to seeking new and deeper relationships with others, and has set me on a path to embrace each life change I choose to make. Kathy is so grounded in the workings of the universe and is so caring, honest and generous. She is a gifted coach – she will make a significant difference in anyone’s life, but I’m so grateful to the changes she has brought to mine. I couldn’t have found a more valuable coach, mentor, and friend." Michelle V., Naples, FL

"I engaged Kathy for life coaching services because I wanted to better understand a personal life challenge and to choose a kind and self-affirming approach to problem resolution. Our first telephone session was a complimentary introduction to the concept and techniques of life coaching, which was helpful, as I was generally unfamiliar with the service. It gave me an opportunity to feel comfortable talking on the phone and to feel secure that I could trust Kathy with my confidences. We “met” by phone for a handful of sessions; at that point I disengaged, being pleased to have met my objective. I know that I can call on Kathy again should I need to talk through any future issue. What really impresses me about Kathy is her listening ability. Despite not “seeing” her listen, (as we were talking on the phone), I sensed that she was paying close attendance to my words. After I spoke, she frequently restated my remarks in a way that demonstrated that she understood my intent. I felt validated and cared for. Additionally, Kathy offered cogent ways for me to re-frame my thinking along more positive and healthy paths. The experience of Kathy’s coaching was so helpful to me. Thank you, Kathy! With Gratitude, Robin", Bonita Springs, FL

"Life is good! Thank you for all your help and support (through) life coaching that turned the tide for me in my life!" Angela, Naples, FL

What my YOGA clients are saying. . .​

"I’ve become a fan of Kathy’s yoga class. One aspect of managing my chronic illness was my need to find an appropriate activity that was gentle but could also help rebuild my body confidence and strength in a supportive environment. After years of frustration walking out on yoga teachers intent on power poses, I finally found the perfect fit in Kathy’s yoga class. Kathy has a unique holistic approach to teaching, is always super-well prepared with a central thought for the session, and a wonderful yet deliberate way of pacing us through a full hour of breathing, poses (or modifications), while delivering all with her students’ capabilities in mind. Throughout, her calls to be mindful of our ‘edge’ are a constant, as are her encouragements ‘ to consider a bit more’. I regularly walk away from Kathy’s yoga sessions energized and strengthened, not only by my work on the mat, but by her admonition to make sure to “thank yourself for taking time for your yoga practice today!” Jeannie Y, Naples, FL


"After participating in yoga classes for close to two years,I had the pleasure of attending a one-hour class conducted by Kathy Meyer….an enlightening experience! Kathy’s teaching seems so effortless yet her passion for yoga is so very evident in these teachings. I have never been enrolled in a class where a teacher was as skilled and sensitive to my individual needs." Linda A., The Villages, FL



"Kathy’s classes are wonderful. She brought me to a new understanding of my body. My hour classes are the most important hour of my week. I feel calm, centered and focused when I leave." Lisa P, Naples, FL



"I would like to thank Kathy for introducing me to the wonderful world of yoga. As I was a first-time participant, she was both reassuring and educational. Many of the exercises she taught me have helped me overcome daily stiffness and have helped my golf game with more flexibility." Dan M, The Villages, FL



"I had the pleasure of participating with Kathy Meyer in beginning yoga. Taking yoga was something I have always wanted to do, but I have a multitude of serious health issues, and I was fearful of feeling uncomfortable. She took the time to accommodate my issues and I experienced great success, especially with the savasana pose. Kathy's gentle personality and knowledge just lend itself to creating a safe and happy environment!" Valerie C., The Villages, FL



"I have known Kathy for many years, and in all those years, she has been a passionate proponent of health, nutrition and realizing individual potential. Several years ago, she began a long journey to learn yoga to help her with some health issues that she was having; I watched in amazement as she not only began to heal, but fully embraced yoga as a means to help heal others, and made the decision to become a teacher. As a teacher, she has seized the opportunity to share her knowledge of yoga and health. And her passionate desire to help people heal and learn has inspired me to take a journey into learning yoga myself.​ I was apprehensive about undertaking yoga at first - I had spent years as an athlete in high school and college, complete with the injuries that sometimes occur in that pastime. However, the older that I have gotten, the less active I have become and I was facing the triple threat of being overweight, out of shape and with no strength. In sharing these fears with Kathy, I learned that her approach was to take all of these issues into account and working to develop a plan that would allow me to learn at my own pace. In the three months that we have been working together, I can honestly say that I have never felt better. My posture (always a weak point for me, given that I'm a 6-foot tall woman who endured many years of teasing) has improved DRAMATICALLY. I'm actually standing up straight and open, and have even had many compliments on how much healthier I look. I can see a difference in my core and upper body strength that is amazing - I never used to be able to hold myself up by my arms; now, I have actual definition starting to occur, and more importantly, I can maintain yoga poses to encourage even better strength. My weight is starting to drop and I feel really healthy - I wake up in the morning and get out of my bed without pain - for the first time in about 5 years!​ Physical benefits (and there are many!) aside, the best benefit that I have been given is the gift of self. I have started to learn to reconnect and love myself again and to embrace new opportunities. I feel strong and powerful, and I feel that yoga has provided me with a sense of self-confidence that I haven't ever had. ​All of these things I owe to my friend Kathy - a passionate devotee of health. She is an encouraging, patient (most importantly!), positive teacher who is never afraid to push you further when you think about giving up. I find her to be an inspiring mentor and yogi and cannot wait to continue my own journey with her while encouraging others to get involved as well!" Michelle V., Naples, FL

"I am glad my words lifted you up because that's what you have done for me for the past 2 years by introducing me to and guiding me thru Yoga!!!! You took the (for lack of a better word) 'mystery' out of Yoga and made it more real or 'down to earth'. . . .a practice. . . .a journey. . .non-judgmental...Thank you for being you!!!" Anne M, Naples, FL


What my JUICE PLUS customers are saying. . .​

"I love my vegetables and fruits.  But, unfortunately, unless I am eating organic, I never know the true value of what nutrition I am getting from them. Taking Juice Plus each morning guarantees me that I am getting all the nutrition I need from fruits and vegetables." Maureen V., Florida


"A friend of mine recommended Juice Plus to me in 2009.  My family and I started taking it sometime after, because I do believe as a society, we lack in consuming our fruits and veggies.  I also believe making a conscious effort every day to live a healthy lifestyle by eating healthier and exercising keeps my family of 6 out of the doctor's office.  I highly recommend Juice Plus!" April H., North Fort Myers, FL






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