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“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure."


                                                          Marianne Williamson


Hi and Welcome to all those who seek support on your own journey to be the manager of your own body and mind. . . the deliberate creator of your own destiny.


After witnessing my parents' early departure from this planet (each aged 77 and within 6 months of each other), I became very interested in healthier living, mostly focusing on the importance of good nutrition. I researched like crazy, realizing that my parents may very well have died as a result of what many were saying were preventable diseases. . . heart disease and cancer. As a result of increasing whole foods in my diet, my health began to improve and I was feeling more alive.


Fast forward 10 years. . .  not only the everyday stresses of life, but also being caregiver and guardian for my adult daughter with autism, were finally catching up with me and screaming at me in the form of debilitating back pain and adrenal fatigue. Health practitioners, including my chiropractor and acupuncturist, recommended yoga.  So, I started a formal and regular practice. I was hooked!  I started to heal. . . emotionally, physically, spiritually! 


If you can imagine a child who can't tell you when she has a stomach ache or a sore throat, you may understand why I had to become a proficient reader of non-verbal behavior and delve deeper into the world of prevention in an effort to KEEP my daughter well. As a result, Jessica continues to be the joyful spirit who inspires and motivates me both on and off my yoga mat.


And so the natural progression for me was then to share what I was learning about the practice and the healing effects of yoga, combined with my continued research and experience with proper nutrition, in order to teach, to coach, to empower others that they could do the same for themselves and for those in their care. In case you haven't already discovered. . . A Wise Guru lives within each of us!


My wish is that this site becomes a place of sharing what I have learned, and continue to learn, about supporting bodies, minds, and spirits to achieve optimum well being!


My role is to be a resource and to support you as you step boldly and courageously into the role of the WISE GURUS you are, so you can allow yourself and your connection to Source lead you on a journey that is overflowing with love, passion, health, abundance, and joy!


With Love and Gratitude, Kathy Meyer

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